Airprint iOS Profile - printers not listed

New Contributor

Hi Everyone.  I have a profile deploying to a test iPad.  The profile contains only a the following Airprint payload:



.76 is a Printer Pool being shared on an iMac running Sonoma, wired ethernet

.30 is a fairly new Ricoh printer, wired ethernet

ipad is of course wifi, on the same subnet

I can print to the pool and printer from my laptop without issue (also on the same wifi)

The ipad cannot.  In fact even though the profile is indeed showing up on the ipad (Settings > Device Management), the printers are not listed when in an app, e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc.  I would think that even if the printer was having an issue, they would still be listed (a opposed to being discovered over Bonjour). 


For example, if I open Chrome, browse to a website, click the Share button, click print, click No printer selected pulldown, the only printer listed is the .30 ricoh that the ipad found via discovery on its own

Thanks for looking!