ASM ID creation

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We recently updated to iOS 17.3 on our iPads, which required us to re-sign in to the students' Apple IDs. During the sign-in process, some of them encountered verification failures. In the past, we would resolve this issue by deleting the account in Apple School Manager, and overnight, the account would be recreated. However, recently, this method has not been effective. Currently, we have 5 students without Apple IDs. We contacted Apple about this issue and was told this was a problem with JamF. 


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As of Feb 2023 there is an issue with Managed Apple ID sign in that coincides with iPadOS 17. The "Continue" button fails to do anything. The only solution I've found is to sign out and sign back in again.

There is the need in some, but not all, cases to reset the passcode on the account. This is typically where you I have seen the Verification code failure. 

The Continue process seems to work without issue with iPadOS 16.

From my experience, there is no need to delete the Apple ID in ASM at all. It's extremely rare for me to have to do that and I operate across multiple schools and well over 2000+ student accounts.