Assign LDAP user to multiple locations?

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We are using Jamf School to manage iPads (and soon computers) across our district with multiple locations. Recently tightened up our LDAP sync across the district so that all users sync to a single location and only a single location. 

We do, however, have a number of staff/teachers who are "itinerant" and will need access to classes, etc., across locations, generally from a single district-issued, managed device.  (We are currently managing classes directly in Jamf School, but are planning to do so through our SIS via ASM in the near future.)

Anyone have an input on a good way to handle this?  


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Did you come up with a solution? @JakeG 

We are having the same issue ... :) 

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I did not. We just assign staff devices to the location associated with the user's AD OU, whether that matches the actual location they need to use the device in. Figured I'd just have to deal with situations where student device management is needed on a case by case basis, but it hasn't come up as an issue yet.