Classroom Screen Observation WITH prompting

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Hello everyone,

we use Jamf School with managed classes (manually created in MDM). The teachers' iPads work fine with Apple Classroom.

Is there a way to require students to consent before their screen can be viewed?
Our school management would like that.

Currently, teachers can simply instantly mirror student iPad screens.


The following is set in the Jamf settings:

ON: Automatically configure Apple Classroom based on Classes and Users in Jam School
OFF: Allow Screen Observation Permission Modification


And as payload in the profiles:

OFF: Allow Classroom to perform View Screen without prompting for admin-created classes
ON: Allow Classroom to lock to an app and lock the device without prompting
ON: Automatically join Classroom classes without prompting
ON: Require teacher permission to leave teacher-created classes in Apple's Classroom app

thank you for your help