Does Jamf School use Self-Service?

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Self Service is a cool tool I would like to incorporate at our school for employees. Is it available with Jamf School or just Jamf Pro? 


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The Self Service mechanism for computers enrolled in Jamf School is different from Jamf Pro.  Self Service items are listed in a Manu bar item.

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I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.

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Are you looking for Self Service for computers or mobile devices? 

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I would look to stay away from the 'self service' app that is still offered in Jamf School. Both the Student and Teacher app now offer a self service workflow. Since the apps are in the App Store they are easier to deploy and maintain. Further to this they are available for both macOS, iOS and iPadOS which means you are only maintaining, managing and teaching people how to use one tool, no matter which platform or device