Duplicating Web Clips that can't be Deleted

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Hello Everyone,

I've encountered a recent issue with Web Clips on my student devices.

Normally these student devices have a group full of Web Clips. Different links to educational websites, some online PDF's, etc. I recently added an app to these devices. After adding this one app, a large amount of the students devices started duplicating all the Web Clips, some of them having 4 extra sets of Web Clips.

The one's inside of the original group stayed intact, but these extras were sprawled out along as many home screens as they could cover.

Resending my profiles did not help. Changing the layout didn't help. And even removing the web Clips entirely did not help. The last attempt removed the Web Clip group, but left all the duplicates.

Has anyone encountered this issue or have insight on how to solve it? I know that completely resetting the device would most likely fix the issues, but lots of these students have classwork saved on their devices and it affects a substantial population of students. Im trying to avoid erasing their data or having to back it up if possible.

Thank you for all your help!1st Page on my iPads. Notice all the extra Web Clips1st Page on my iPads. Notice all the extra Web ClipsEven more duplicates on the 2nd PageEven more duplicates on the 2nd PageOriginal group of Web Clips moved away from the rest of the appsOriginal group of Web Clips moved away from the rest of the apps


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I have had this issue before as well. When we did a Hard Restart or when we installed the iOS update all the duplicate web clips were cleared. 

I was trying to avoid a Hard Reset, but I will need to follow up with updating OS.

Thank you for the suggestion!