Forcing MacOS to Update

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Hello World!

This issue is kind of weird since it should work, but it doesn't work.


We're using JAMF School as our MDM to control circa 230 M1 MacBook Air that have from MacOS 11.3 all through 11.5.1 We have 11.6.1 available for update on some devices and want to force update on every MacBook but, when you are on the device and choose "Install and Restart", it sends the command to the device, it shows the "Success" warning on the top right but nothing happens on the device side.

I've noticed this has some random reactions, sometimes it stucks on 13% during download on JAMF side, sometimes it goes smoothly through download but nothing happens on device side and once or twice you could get a prompt on device side asking for admin credentials. 

Does anyone have this feature working like it should ?


Best regards to you all!



This is something that was hit or miss with me when I was testing in the summer. I had one that would rarely work, while the others would show up to 10%-12%, then drop. The device would show no signs of any processes or errors.

Dug into it at the time and have forgotten most of what I read, but at the time I was convinced it was a Bootstrap Token issue. I don't know if that was actually the case, as I haven't checked on it since.

I'll try this myself to see if I have any success this time and might be able to contribute something besides a "me too".

Please let me know as soon as you have something, We wanted this to be fully operational since we've found 2 massive security breaches that will be fixed in the Monterey (supposedly) and we want to enforce this to every machine.

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I have been told by Jamf the rushed out 11.6 update is the culprit, apparently it can only be initiated on the client. That said I my ecosystem consist of a single M1 so far, and I have heard from those with many more that M1 macbooks have been an issue for all updates. 

Yes that is true, appart from the apps that has been bought through VPP nothing updates like it should. Like I said above we have 230 M1 and there are 5 diferent versions of macOS, impossible to command, schedule or predict. 

does Jamf have an official stance on this yet or at least acknowledge its an issue? 

No as far as I know, there's why I created this post on the community. Still trying to see something from JAMF side.


So, scratch what I said about Bootstrap tokens. I think I have a separate issue altogether. On the Jamf side it shows up to twenty something percent, then goes blank. Trying to manually update on the device gives an error message saying to check connection. Both Intel and M1.

My work device was able to do updates not that long ago, but it still had profiles from Jamf Pro at the time. I've got more research to do...

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We have issues with updates and JAMF School too both iOS and MacOS.  Unfortunately I don't have any tips to help.  I really wish they would let you schedule them somehow and have a deadline.  Our users like to ignore them forever and we have to send out emails asking them to update and then follow up on it.  Then do the same thing every so often.  

We had that issue when we had Windows environment implemented, but since Windows has the good thing of starting to slug when it lacks updates they would come to the IT Office, so, that  wasn't really a problem to us.
Theoretically you can force update, or just schedule but here it just has no action. At the moment the only thing that I can do is remove the App Store restrictions and do the update manually (wich will be a pain the in the behind).