How to let a user restore (migrate) a managed iPad from the user's personal iPad?

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Consider this: A user has been using their personal iPad at a school and is now given a new, managed, iPad provided by the school. The user would like to use the new iPad as if it was the user's original one.

The challenge is: How does the user get the new iPad set up so that it contains everything the personal iPad had, including all apps and their data? Because, when we try, it doesn't work.

If the new iPad were not managed, this could be easily performed by Apple's Migration process (hold both near each other, or choose to restore from a backup). However, with this managed iPad, even though it starts the migration (nearby iPads) from the old to the new as usual, the iPad then recognizes that it's managed, downloads the profile and then sets it up as a default device, i.e. hardly anything is taken over from the personal iPad (no iCloud settings, no apps, no restoring of data from the cloud backup or from the other iPad).

I am NOT an admin, but rather a friend who's trying to figure out why the migration/restore isn't working for the user, and what we have to tell the school admin so that they can fix this (hopefully).

I can see the Enrollment settings on the new iPad, but since it doesn't show which rights are denied, I cannot even tell what's missing. The iPad is given quite a lot of rights, including installing any apps and even deleting the iPad's settings and data (that's what I used to trigger a fresh install). I believe the school does not mean to put any limits on the iPad, other than maintaining ownership of it. So, I wonder if it's just an oversight, such as the admin having forgotten to enable certain settings for this to work.

Is there a special right for restoring a cloud backup (or performing a migration) that needs to be added?

If not, what are the options to make this work? I guess one would be to un-enroll the iPad, then perform the migration, and then add it again as a managed device? That would require the admin to be present in the process, though, right? Is there anything the admin can do remotely, though?




Talk to a admin.

I normaly remove MDM from School iPad. Move all the stuff with migration. And restore the School iPad


There definitely needs to be discussion with the Jamf Admin about what the device management is supposed to be. There are settings to allow/deny certain iCloud capabilities in the restriction profiles. By default, they are all set to 'Allow'. 

We have multiple users that use a managed iPad with a personal Apple ID and they have been able to transfer between devices or restore after a reset with no (known) issues. I'm going to assume that the user of the device has a personal Apple ID they are using to log onto the iPad? If they are using a new school managed Apple ID, then there isn't any way for them to transfer their personal iCloud information over that I know of. We had one school switch to teachers being managed Apple IDs and they all had to start from fresh. The only things they could transfer over were documents that they could save off and import on. All apps and Apple ID specific information couldn't be transferred.

Probably not much help, but maybe some info to ponder.

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The Jamf School Admin would need to make allowances for this in the Automated Device Enrollment Profile for IOS devices and specifically untick device to device migration:

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 05.21.55.png

However I have only been able to get this to work when both devices are owned by the same user and both were managed devices with managed apps installed. As this is a case where you are trying to migrate from a user iPad to a managed iPad, I am unsure as to whether device to device migation is actually your answer as in usual circumstances with managed devices apps are installed via Apple School Manager or In-house apps and not via the App store and restrictions are placed on accessing the App store and account settings may also be restricted.

Depending on restrictions placed by admins on the device, you may be able to sign out of managed apple ID in the App store, open the App store, tap on your account face, and then click sign out, tap the account face again and sign in with your personal ID, tap purchased>My Purchases and then click the clouds on the Apps that you want to install and then everything will be restored from whatever was backed up via iCloud.