Application Freezing when connecting to specific Wi-Fi

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I have a mac book that freezes as soon as it connects to Wi-Fi. It works fine when connected via Ethernet.

I don't see any alarming logs inside of console (however I'm normally a windows admin, so maybe I missed something).

If anyone knows about this issue, please give me some tips. I'm only have this issue with one Mac, however I just re imaged the mac.


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It seems to me that is not a setting you are missing, that is some broken code. I think your solution to re-image the device is the correct resolution.


Hi Jazzlamaz, I notice that you say specific Wifi, is it all Wifi Connections that it does this or only when it is connected to say your work Wifi? If it is all Wifi, then try installing all OS updates for the device and see if that fixes the bug. If it is a specific Wifi that is doing it, perhaps it is a configuration error of the Wifi network itself or perhaps you have an antivirus program installed that comes with some sort of firewall or filter?