Ipad 4 Apps Not Showing as needing Updates

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For the district I work for we have a lot of Ipad 4 units that are not showing up as needing app updates under the apps section in Jamf School. We have some newer ipads running IOS 12 or higher and working just fine and are reporting that they need updating and I am able to update these units in bulk at 1 time. However the older Ipad 4 units are running 10.3.3. Was curious if anyone else is running into this same issue and is there any solution to the problem?


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Hope this helps!

MacTracker is a great tool for this!


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@jharrell Given that these are iPad 4's that don't support anything beyond iOS 10 you're probably not going to see too many app updates on these. Often app updates need a newer OS version as they utilize new or updated API's not available in iOS 10.

If the world puts itself back together eventually my suggestion is to start searching for funding to get however many you have of that particular model replaced with a newer one. If they're in decent physical shape then you can also send them to someplace like Diamond Assets, SecondLifeMac, etc.. for buyback.

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@mainelysteve is correct. 10.3.3 is max on those models. There is a physical RAM limitation that prevents it from further upgrading.

You'll get around $10 for it, so feel free to find an actual use for it. :)