iPad policy restricting file sharing through Mac for HUDL app

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There is a coach that uses a managed iPad to record sporting events through the Hudl application. Apparently a couple of games were not stored correctly on the Hudl application and she was instructed to connect the iPad to a macbook to restore the video files. Our iPads were enrolled in a way that restricts this feature, and I am posting to see if there is a way around this. I need the iPad to be recognized by any computer, and the computer gives a popup that the device has a policy preventing this. We cannot find a way to remove any policy that is restricting this. 

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I don't think you can bypass that restriction if it was set at the time of DEP enrollment.  My only other thought is to do an iCloud backup on the device and then restore it to another iPad without that setting enabled.


We have had that happen in Hudl before too!

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If you can do the iCloud backup and restore to another iPad, a great tool is iMazing.  You can then take a backup of the ipad on the computer and then "edit" the backup and extract the videos.