iPad returned to departing student

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Hi, I have to return an iPad managed by jamf | school to a departing school.

Which is the correct option(s) and which order?

  1. Unenroll device
  2. Disown device

or viceversa or else?

Thanks for your support.



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If you release the iPad in ASM for the student the iPad will become a normal iPad after a full reset as it wont be forwarded to JAMF for the MDM profile, so from the student's prospective it should be fine.

With regards to the JAMF side and the tied up licence used on the iPad I'm not sure which one is the best to use, or in what order to use them. Hopefully someone can help clarify.

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To remove a license for a device in Jamf School, use Move to Trash. This can be done either on the device's Details page or from the Device Inventory page. If you trash the wrong iPad, you can find it in Devices > Trash and put it back. Moving a device to Trash in Jamf School does not remove the MDM profiles, just the license used to manage it.

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Thanks for your support. As I had understood it

Unenroll: remove the iPad from Jamf, but you can enroll it again if needed

Disown: you remove the iPad from Apple School Manager and lose the licence. This action cannot be undone

What do you think ?

If the iPad is never to be managed by your office again, you have it right. When I have had to totally remove a device from our management & ownership, I did the following steps:

1. When the device is connected to wi-fi, I sent an Erase command from Jamf.

2. I removed the owner and any tags/groups from the device.

3. I moved the device to the Trash in Jamf. (You can do an Unenroll on the device as well)

4. In ASM I removed it from the assigned MDM Server and then Released the device.

The device is no longer owned nor controlled by your organization. I'm sure there are a couple steps you could skip, but I always like to make sure I get it totally done.

Greg Bobbett