Jamf 100 Exam questions

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Hello all,

Just wanted to know if anyone here has taken the Jamf 100 certification exam. I've been studying for about 3 weeks and wanted to know anyone's experience taking the exam in the past.

Also I would like to know how accurate is the practice exam compared to the actual exam.


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Honestly you shouldn’t sweat it.  The questions come straight from the training and it is open book.  You can Google the answers if you need to and 9 times out of 10 the answer links back to that training slide.  I took the test right after I was done with the training and only missed one.

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JAMF 100 is fairly basic, just keep the training material handy and you will do fine. most of the question are common sense or key terms, and you can google key terms or search the JAMF 100 training docs. There are a few trick questions, but not enough to cause you to score under a 70% and fail the test. The biggest hurtle I would say is needing to know what different things in JAMF are called, but again this is in the training material and the exam is open book.


I took the JAMF 100 4 years ago with no MDM or macOS experience at all and passed fine. You got this.

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I saved all session details in a Word Document so I could reference it. Like the others said, it's open book and you have time during the test. I highly recommend taking the exam. I actually learned quite a bit studying for it.