Jamf 100 for Jamf School admins?

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We are managing iPads for Education and a small hand full of Macs as Caching Servers for our City Administration. We were thinking about doing some certifications but it seems the focus is on Jamf Pro. At least the Jamf 100 seems to contain things that could Help us managing Out growing number of devices. Any experience from other Jamf School admins in this?


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You've got great timing! While the Jamf 100 is a great course for a foundational understanding of Apple Device Management whether you are using Pro or School, we've just launched a Jamf School Certification, the Jamf 240 course! You can head on over to the announcement I shared two weeks ago on Jamf Nation's Education Hub, or read all about it (and sign up!) on the Jamf Blog. It's a two-day remote instructor-led course available now! And it doesn't require any prerequisite certifications. 

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@rogantano Certification considerations are crucial, and I can understand the dilemma with the apparent focus on Jamf Pro. Exploring the Jamf 100 certification seems like a strategic move, especially if it addresses the specific needs of handling a growing number of devices. I'm curious to know if other Jamf School admins have ventured into Jamf 100 and how it has contributed to their device management strategies. Sharing experiences on the forum could provide valuable insights and help in making an informed decision about certifications tailored to your unique environment.
Good luck on your certification journey!

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