Profile error - The field “Icon” is invalid

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I have a profile that is just for setting a home screen on specific iPads, it worked initially but now when trying to apply it to a few new devices I get the following error:

The profile “Home Screen (version:10)” is invalid. / The payload “Home Screen (version:10)” is invalid. / The field “Icon” is invalid.

These iPads are running iOS 17.1. A couple of older iPads that I already had the profile applied to were on iOS 16 at the time. but they are throwing up the same error now they are updated to iOS 17.

This profile also contains a webclip with a custom icon applied, could this be the issue?


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The error message indicating the profile is invalid and pointing to an issue with the "Icon" field is indeed noteworthy. Since the problem persists after updating to iOS 17.1 and affects both new devices and those previously working on iOS 16, it might be worth investigating the custom icon applied to the webclip in your profile. iOS updates can sometimes introduce changes to how certain features are handled, and it's possible that the custom icon is now causing compatibility issues. You may want to try removing the custom icon temporarily and applying the profile to see if the error persists. If that resolves the problem, you can explore alternative ways to incorporate a custom icon or check for any updates from Apple regarding icon handling in profiles for iOS 17.1.

jamf man

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I have tried that, it still comes up with the same error.

I also created a profile which only contains the webclip. Applied it and it worked without any issues so now I don't think it's related to the custom icon for the webclip.

I ended up just creating a new profile and it has worked so far without any issues.