Jamf 200 Education Pricing?

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I am currently budgeting for next year, and in the coming months we'll start using Jamf School more. I might have some money over, so I am thinking about getting the Jamf 200 cert since it looks like the one that has the most value of 200 and 240.

We are a education customer (bought Jamf School from education reseller) and I was wondering if someone knew about the discounts that Jamf informs about on the site for education customers?


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I believe we paid $2500, but we are an enterprise. I would suggest reaching out to JAMF training or your reseller for the cost of the course.


Personally, I found JAMF 300 to be a good stopping point. 170, and 270 are security focused. They are fine if you are wanting to get into the security side of things, but I found them too not be necessary for myself though I am reconsidering the 170 as we now use JAMF Protect for some things. JAMF 400 is more or less JAMF 300 without the training wheels (over simplifying). I feel the JAMF 400 is the certification for admins with nothing better to get certified on.

Thanks for info)