Jamf School & Google Accounts

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I'm pretty new to Jamf, and I've never set up iPads for a school before. I'm wondering how I can set up Jamf to let students and staff use their Google credentials to log in to the iPads.

My idea is to have students and staff log in using their Google info. And for the staff, I want to give them extra permissions to manage the iPads that students use in class, like locking the screen and sharing the screen with the Student iPads.

Right now, I've already enrolled the iPads with Jamf and Apple School Manager. Any tips or advice on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated!


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I use Jamf School and iPads, so I have been where you are. iPads do not have user accounts, so you can't login to an iPad. Teachers can use Apple Classroom to manage the students iPads, so you are on a good track there. It works really well. Here is a good link to the documentation. There are several things to get configured correctly for that to work, more than I will post here. On that page, look for "Jamf School System Settings" > Classes. That will give you some good documentation to get started.