JAMF School APi

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I am looking at wanting a Powershell script to access the JAMF School API to pull a list of devices and their WiFi Mac addresses.

Any hints or directions for a start with he JAMF API?


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All of JAMFs documentation will be in bash/zsh. If you are admining Apple products, its best to use a Mac. If you must use powershell, you will need to convert the commands JAMF gives you.

JAMF 300 goes in to API a little bit, and would be a good place to start. I you have access to JAMF training there is also some stuff in there.


Jamf 300 Course - Course Resources | Jamf


To pull all the device records you would use curl -X GET "https://{path to server}JSSResource/mobiledevices" -H "accept: application/xml" -H "Authorization: Bearer {long token here}. If I am not mistaken CURL would be invoke-webrequest in powershell, but its been a very long time and I am very rusty with powershell. Once you have the data just filter out the information you want.

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With this python program you can get this WiFi MAC address list. https://github.com/heinrich-foto/jamf_api