Jamf School macOS deployment workflow

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I'm curious to hear how other Jamf School admins handle 1:1 macOS deployments. Since there are no pre-stage enrollment options, how do you prepare a new MacBook Pro or iMac for a faculty/staff member?

My workflow is as follows:

  1. DEP profile creates local admin account
  2. Munki client is auto installed via Smart Group
  3. Munki client is configured using scripts & Smart Groups
  4. Log into machine with local admin and verify software installed correctly
  5. Create standard user in System Preferences
  6. Force password change upon first login for user
  7. Hide auto-created admin account

I'm hoping to gather ideas on how I can be more hands-off. I don't think zero touch is a possibility yet in Jamf School, but I'd like to get as close as possible.


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if scripts are executed before a user logs in, there are probably command line utilities to create local users. As for checking if a software is installed, you can check if it's app entry in /Applications exists, if so, configure it, otherwise exit the script with a 1. Now you can see in jamf if the software is installed by a failed script.


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