Jamf Teacher with Jamf School

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Hi All Community Members,

We are trying to setup JAMF Teacher for use with our Teaching Staff using am issued ipad, and students using shared ipad.

We have created a Teacher Group and a Student Group for use by the Students and configured them as required by the Configuration Guide.  The students seem to be able to log on to the Jamf School Student fine if they are sign in to the shared ipad with their apple id, but the Teachers Cannot log on to the Jamf Teacher app.  nor can they log on to the site specified via the Jamf Teacher Online URL.  when i try a password reset for the Teacher Accounts we simply get the error "InvalidAuthMethod"?

Any help here would be appreciated.


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I am also running into the same issue @Si_P , we are using Jamf School and teachers are unable to login to Jamf Teacher online using the generated username and password from Jamf School. They all get the message 'An error occurred while trying to log in' and then 'InvalidAuthMethod'.

The same teachers are able to use Jamf Teacher on the iPad via the app with no issues.

Was there ever a resolution to this? I've also encountered this issue.