Locations.csv Primary Key error

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We have been uploading our Aspen data to Apple School Manager using SFTP.  We have the following error around the primary key of the Locations.csv file.  When I look at this file, each location_id is a unique identifier.  There are only 5 rows in the locations file.  I know that location_id is in the other files, should I look there to see if there is one row where it is blank?  How do I see the "affected row"?   Thanks. 

[OK] unzipped file: classes.csv.
[OK] unzipped file: courses.csv.
[OK] unzipped file: locations.csv.
[OK] unzipped file: rosters.csv.
[OK] unzipped file: staff.csv.
[OK] unzipped file: students.csv.
[OK] headers and first record.
[ERROR] locations.csv primary key cannot be missing. Please provide the 'location_id' value for the affected row(s).


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Since the header row and first row checked out I would start with line three and below in locations. My suggestion is to start with a clean file then try the upload again.