Managed Apple TVs

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We are experiencing some connectivity issues with our managed Apple TVs.  Since the beginning of the school year, we have been experiencing slow connecting times and choppy video.  We made some changes to our network to move the network the Apple TVs are on to its own VLAN in hopes this would help (hoping to force a peer-to-peer connection).  The teachers connect to the Apple TV through a managed Macbook or iPad.  Since making this change the Macbook/iPad will not connect at all, we have done some problem-solving and found that removing the Apple TV from management solves the problem or removing the WiFi profile also allows the device to connect (this forces the peer-to-peer connection).  There is something in the managed Apple TV that prevents devices from connecting.  Is anyone else experiencing this and what have you found solves the problem?



I would check the AirPlay Security settings in any of your config profiles. In my experience Access>Everyone will allow p2p connections. If set to on wifi p2p seems to be disabled.

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We do have it set up in Jamf with Access>Everyone and unfortunately, that did not resolve the issue.  In November we installed a new controller and new Cisco APs - since then we have had issues with our Apple TVs.  I feel like we have tried everything and it just seems like Cisco, Apple, and Jamf don't want to work together.  

ah. interesting, we have a mixture of Aruba and UI access points and colors; works here. it didn't work at first until the network guy added the necessary firewall rules. I'd check the Cisco docs, I'd suppose.

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Are you still struggling with this? We had some serious connectivity problems with our 90 Apple TVs, which we've managed to overcome, this is how we did it:

  • Updated APs to Aruba Wifi 6 (old system was 9 years old but didn't fully solve our problems)
  • Blocked IPv6 traffic, which halved the seen multicast traffic. 
  • Added IGMP to the network switches on the wifi vlans, which should turn multicast traffic into unicast which is stopping network flooding on the switches.
  • Separate vlan for the Apple TVs 

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We have also problems with our ATVs, we have Aruba switches and Lancom APs, with Lancom AP-controller.

Could you give me more details from your solution? Or Troubleshooting?