More filter options for smart groups

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I would like to suggest having more varied filtering options for the smart groups. I use them quite extensively and find myself hitting road blocks with certain ones.

I have a smart group called "Less than 15% space remaining", problem is, a 128GB device is deemed as having less than 15% remaining when it hits 108.8GB, so it would be nice to have a filter for "Available Storage (GB)", where I can then say 'Less than 10GB remaining" for instance.

I also have a smart group called 'Good to Update', which takes into account the current charge %, the amount of space remaining, and when the last connected time was.

The idea of the 'Good to Update' group is that it only tells the iPads in that group to update, otherwise we have to walk around the school to deal with a lot of iPads that get stuck because they are either completely flat, or have less than 50% of battery remaining, or because they don't have enough space to deal with the update, or because they haven't connected for a while.

So I would love to have a filter specifically on 'last connected time' that has better than 1 day, I would love to update the smart group to say that it has to have checked in in the last 4hrs for instance.

I would LOVE to create a smart group to let me know which iPads have apps on them that are stuck on 'updating' or have 'failed', however the only filter available to me is 'Installed' or 'Failed', and in both instances I have to name each individual app.

So I would love to have a filter that lets me just say 'All apps with 'updating' status' or and 'All apps with 'failed' status', since we have over 200 apps, and I don't particularly feel like adding each one to the filter.



Great post @RayHerring 

I'd like to gate crash this and suggest that on top of the more granular good to update smart group, that any device that falls into that group, would automatically download any update, rather than manually deploying a script or GUI based, scheduleOSUpdate command....  Now I think that would be neat!

I like the idea of that.

Although in our case, because our internet connection isn't super-fast, we have an Apple Caching Server, which means we like to "prime" the cache.

So what I do is I go to my "Good to Update" filter, and then I tell 1 iPad in each model (in our case Air 2, Air 3rd Gen, iPad 5th gen, 6th gen, and 8th gen) to download and install the update, once I have confirmed they have fully installed it, I then tell every other iPad in the smart group to update.

Otherwise over 200 iPads would obliterate our internet connection for the next 6hrs.