No selection of LostMode in the scope as rule


Hello Community and Jamf Team,

why are there so many other options in the scope to select as Rule but no "LostMode" offered?

I would like to create a group with the rule that only iPad set in Lost Mode will be displayed.

Is there a reason for this?



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When I go to Devices and click filter option, I can filter devices with lost mode turned on. Are you using the old user interface? The new user Interface bundled in the latest Jamf update has the option on jamf school.


Why would you need to create a group with iPads in lost mode? Much easier to interact with them with Device table using filters.

I know - Thanks


I'm going to make a guess that you are trying to create a Smart Group to catch any devices with Lost Mode enabled and apply specific profiles or run specific scripts automatically.

I would agree that it would be nice to have the option to use Lost Mode as a rule. I have looked at this as well but ended up creating a static group that applied the settings and profiles I wanted on the device then moved it from the current group to the "Lost Mode" group.

Since I'm only dealing with one every 3-6 months, I figured I didn't need a truly automated system. Plus i have some schools that use Lost Mode as a short term 'tracking' option to find the device within the school and my "Lost Mode" group does a bunch of things to the device for security and lockdown that would make this a pain to deal with once they disabled lost mode.


Greg Bobbett

Exactly, we would want to activate certain profiles etc and at the same time have the overview. We are responsible for several cities and over 140 schools.

Well I was just wondering why everything or much is offered but not this function of all things. Filtering can also be done by all other functions. For this reason my question.

I use partly the old and the new view. Because I can't get used to the style of the new view with the filters on the side. Totally unclear.

I try with a Jamf Request.

Best Regards




Good luck, maybe put through a feature request?

I have tried to script this using the Jamf School API, however lost mode doesn't appear to be a parameter in

However you could perhaps use "hasPasscode" boolean parameter as the passcode has to be cleared when a device is put into lost mode, because without this the device will lose Internet connection and you will have to restore the iPad due to IOS restriction mode.

You can read up on the Jamf School API here