Remove old user's iCloud from iOS device?

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Hi Jamf users,
I've been given a couple of old iOS devices but some still have the previous user's iCloud on them (yes, we did not block it beforehand 🙄). They have been wiped and handed in and now of course these users have long been gone from the company but they are still linked to the person's iCloud.

Is there a way, as a Jamf School admin, to remove the iCloud account from the device, or is it a write-off? We're talking 2014-2015 vintage so I doubt we can still find the invoices from the bulk purchases from way back but considering the devices still work fine, I'd rather give them away instead of having to throw them into e-waste bin.

The iCloud account has been registered on a company e-mail address which has also been deleted after the person has left. I doubt that recreating the e-mail address in the 365 tenat would do anything to recover the iCloud password?


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Hello! I’m new to the community,  but I do have a recommendation. It does however depend on if you still have the original proof of purchase receipts for those devices.

Going through Apples unlocking policy with a valid proof of purchase is the only way to remove an iCloud activation policy. And the only way to do it without the original end users or passwords is via Apple support on the phone or in an Apple retail store with proof of purchase.


Again, I’m new so if anyone else has suggestions please feel free to respond.


But my guess is that it’s probably going to be a write off situation. 

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As @Smittycal suggested, you would need to reach out to apple with proof of purchase for the devices. Apple can remove the iCloud activation lock. Without that Proof of Purchase there is no way to remove their accounts without access to the accounts themselves (or the user with the password).

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If the device is located in Apple School/Business Manager, Apple Support can unlock the device without proof of purchase! Will have to start with a phone call to Education/Enterprise support to get the form emailed to you

100% correct

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Perfect, I will check if it's in Apple School Manager. It's an old device, I guess 2013-14 which is before I staterted at this company so not sure if it's been imported in ASM. Thanks!