Revoke VPP book licenses accidentally assigned to managed apple ids

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Short story is we purchased several licenses for four books using VPP.  I sync'ed JAMF School with ASM, scoped the books (documents) to devices and JAMF school assigned each device owner a license.  That's all well, but we don't use managed apple ids (although they exist in ASM and JAMF School).  My goal was to instead allow students to use their personal ids to download the books.

I then reached out to support, who said books cannot be revoked, but they will look into it (not looking good)

I also reached out to Apple Business after being referred to them by my local reps - I was told there were not refunds on VPP purchases.

We cannot switch over to Managed Apple IDs as our model allows students to download their own apps, etc.  Anyone ever been in this situation and was able to resolve somehow?  We are looking at having to eat $20,000.


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Licenses for books can not be revoked. Once they are assigned they are linked to the Apple ID the users used during the VPP invite. If you have managed apple IDs and have the VPP invite turned on so that it automatically gets accepted when using Managed Apple IDs then I guess the books have been assigned to the managed apple IDs. Something I find annoying is not being able to see what apple ID users are using for the VPP invite. And re-doing the VPP invite seems very hit and miss.


I believe book licensing is down to publishers not wanting licenses to be re-assignable. I Don't think this is an Apple/Jamf decision.