Syncing persons via ASM from disabled locations?

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Hi all, I have seen by chance in our JAMF School instance that people from locations that should not be synced with Apple School Manager (turned off in the settings at JAMF) still show up in "People". How can this be? What am I doing wrong?


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Any ideas?


I've had this happen to me too, but I'm not sure my issue is the same as yours. Just to verify, you have the Organization > Settings > Apple School Manager > Sync Settings > Location Mappings > for that location set to 'Do not synchronize'. Also, 'Location to use for syncing staff personnel' is also set as 'Do not synchronize'. 

Another thing to look at is if the Managed Apple IDs are assigned to a Class in ASM. If so, try removing them from the assigned Class.

Did you manually delete the Users from Jamf after you un-synced the locations? And are they re-appearing? How about are they still assigned to a device? Although I don't know if that would make a difference.

If you do get it figured out, please post your solution here.

Thanks, and good luck.

Greg Bobbett

Yes, I did everything you wrote. I tried it with a new account in ASM in several locations which are disabled in JAMF, too. No changes, the account is always visible in JAMF.