Unable to replace 2FA app after phone rebuild

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I need to re-register a Jamf Cloud (Jamf School) account for use with a two-Factor Authentication app, after a 2FA app backup failed and the binding was lost.
I am able to get in using text based 2FA, but I would like to re-enable the app based function.
There doesn't appear to be a way to unbind the Jamf login from a previous 2FA app instance?


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It seems I got the same problem. Did you find a solution already? Is there a way to set up the 2FA method for a new mobile device?

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No solution as yet.

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I have had the same request from a school. Unable to find any mechanism for this as yet.  It will be good to see a solution be suggested

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I opened a ticket for my compadre at my office who's been mfa hosed by the same "new phone issue." I'll let y'all know if anything positive comes from my tech request. 

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I also had a need for this. Did not find any other ways than either support ticket, or delete the account and set it up again.

I did not find any feature request for this, so I added one. Please vote it up if you need it: