Unable to Restrict AirPlay on tvOS Devices

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Does anyone else use Apple TVs with Jamf School but disable AirPlay on them? The Restriction payload hasn't been working for a while for us and I was curious if anyone else is seeing the same behavior. We have an open ticket with support for the issue.



We deploy Apple TVs using JAMF School, but Airplay is the main thing we use on them.  Just curious what do you use the Apple TVs for if you are not using Airplay?

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I realize we may be an edge-case, which is why we may be the only ones complaining about it. We use the Apple TVs for digital signage around our campus. We have other Apple TVs in the classroom that we want AirPlay enabled, but not on these particular devices. We use Jamf Pro also and the Restriction works with Jamf Pro but not Jamf School. I believe I found the flaw in the config profile that Jamf School is sending to devices. The profile key in question is named incorrectly. I've notified support so hopefully, it gets fixed soon.

Just confirmed that unchecking the "Allow Airplay Incoming Request" in the restrictions payload does not work for us either.  I tested it on a new 4K Apple TV. 

Other restrictions like unchecking "Allow modifying device name" do work though. 

I wonder if the bug is JAMF or TVOS.  I see the setting in the profile if I download it.


What system do you use for digital signage?

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The setting is there but it is improperly named. In a working Jamf Pro profile the key is named:

In the Jamf School profile it is named:

Notice the lowercase "p" and missing "s" at the end. I believe the devices are ignoring this key because the name is incorrect.

Nice catch!  Seems like something JAMF can easily fix hopefully in the next update. 

What digital signage app do you all use?  We use Risevision and they don't have Apple TV support yet but it is a "coming soon" feature.  

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Thanks for confirming that you see the issue also!

We have been using Carousel for a couple of years and have been very happy with them.

You're welcome!  I'll have to check them out.  

Also, I think you can manually fix that profile and then re-upload it as a custom one.  I'm not sure the exact steps to do that though.