VPP licenses are not counted for free apps if installed via AppStore

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This is a double question for Jamf School (and it limitations):

I've noticed that when a user installs an app via the AppStore on an ipad (ios 16.7) the VPP license counter isn´t reduced/changed. Also when a user installs an App the app isn´t  seen as a managed  app but isn´t seen as a user app either.

I would like to know:

1. What is the best way for a user to install a managed app? Should the app store be used?

2. Does jamf **school** have a separate "app store App" for managed apps?


The reasoning behind this quest is quite stupid: the app supplier needs de app cache cleared from time to time to change modes (this is a testing app with a testleader and testclient mode) and Apple doesn´t have a clear cache option like Android, re-installation is the only way as far as I know.



This is expected behaviour. Apps installed from the App Store with a personal Apple ID will not count the VPP license for the same app. For school environments, consider blocking App Store for students. The apps you have purchased licenses for, assigned as available, but not installed, will turn up in Jamf Student or Jamf Teacher.

Thanks for the suggestion/reply!

Do you need to login in to Jam-f to use the teacher/student option? We, currently don´t have any user in Jam-f. I´ll try after the weekend when I have an ipad at my disposal.


Yes, having users in Jamf School is key, either from a csv import or integration. Then you can assign them roles on import/integration and set up your environment. I would recommend you to take the Jamf 240 course to get the overview of what you need, it seems like there might be more things to consider here.

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Do you have this option in Jamf School? Can convert unmanaged apps to managed ones.

Screenshot_2024-05-24_at_10_47_00 AM.png

Very handy if using BYOD as well.

I'm not realy sure where to look for this option. Under profiles I only have 2 options:


Where can I find this option?

He posted from Jamf Pro. Not sure if it is in Jamf School