Why or how does the "Clear Parent Restriction" work ?

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Why or how does the “Clear Parent Restriction” work?

We have found that as soon as the function is triggered via Jamf Portal, the student iPad loses the set restrictions of the parent app, but shortly afterwards the set restrictions of the parent app on the iPad apply again.

And then you ask yourself, why doesn't the information arrive on the parent app that the "Clear Parent Restriction" command has now been triggered via Jamf?

This means that the restrictions of the parent app always intervene.

Is this a bug or was it not thought through? Or thought differently?

What experiences have you done? Would that be a feature request?





I would adjust the settings of when parent restrictions apply, you can set these geographically by location, time of the week day, not on weekends, etc. I have set up in the following way, which is the least restrictive, however in my use case I have parents that wish to restrict their children's devices all the time.

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Hi Rob

What do you do, if the Parent restrictions grasping during the lesson? 


In my case I just turn on region based restrictions option in settings>Jamf parent, then go to the device in the devices menu on Jamf School and clear current parent restrictions that way I know that restrictions are only applied at school everywhere else is ignored. In my case some staff live on campus, so I have to turn restrictions off at the end of the day. You will need to configure your region setting as well, it is based on your public facing IP address. I configure region based restriction setting for Jamf teacher too so that students who are currently at home for any reason aren't affected.

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