Why use classes and students in Apple School Manager?

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we always hear what we can do with the products but nobody's saying what is sensible.

We use Apple School Manager to manage iPads and Apple TVs and to buy software.

In Jamf we have Device Groups (and Profiles) for teachers and for Shared iPads including the classes you need for the Shared iPads, which are mainly iPad cases.

We do not have classes or students in the Apple School Manager.

My question is: What advantages do we get, if we do the work and integrate classes and students into Apple School Manager and not only have them in Jamf School? 


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The reason that we use them is to automate processes - when a new student drops or joins, the roster automatically updates in Jamf, so in turn updates on the classroom iPad sets. We use student information systems that sync nightly with Jamf, so I am not required to do anything after I get the class initially imported from ASM into Jamf.


If you don't have an SIS that syncs with ASM, then I don't really see much of an advantage if you aren't going to be using managed AppleIDs for the students.

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The Schoolwork app would be another reason. If your teachers are interesting in using it to send and receive activities and documents with students along with managed AppleIDs. All the classes and rosters are synced to student and teacher ipads.