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Jamf Teacher App Trying to use Applock

I am in the process of setting up our schools Jamf School. I have been trying out two iPad's. One for a teacher and one for a student. When I try to do an Applock, Weblock, or Attention it does not work I get an error message that just says "status.E...  View more

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Device List Column Display (Custom)

Currently when viewing Devices > Devices the column lists include a column for Region (which we don't use so I don't need it displayed). There is no column to display Notes (which we do use, and would love it if it were displayed). Please allow the c...  View more

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Jamf School Home Layout as Suggestion

I would like to create a Home Layout, but allow that home layout to be modified by the user. Something like a Home Layout Suggestion. Similar to the way Jamf allows you to Assign a Wallpaper, yet there is a checkbox that will allow the user to modify...  View more

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Jamf School API PUT by Username

Import Placeholder from CSV allows "AssignToUser" based on Username. I would like the API to allow the same feature. I need to be able to assign an owner of an iPad via the API by PUT "username". Currently, the API only allows assigning owners to dev...  View more

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Separate Jamf School section

I would like to see a separate Jamf School discussion area vs Jamf Pro and Jamf Now. I will be transitioning from Jamf Pro to Jamf School and would like to hear from others, but I would rather not wade through endless discussions of topics that are o...  View more

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Ipad 4 Apps Not Showing as needing Updates

For the district I work for we have a lot of Ipad 4 units that are not showing up as needing app updates under the apps section in Jamf School. We have some newer ipads running IOS 12 or higher and working just fine and are reporting that they need u...  View more

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LDAPS to AD (Jamf School)

Hi folks, Is anyone out there using LDAPS to Active Directory for authentication? I've setup a port forward and firewall opening, locked down to Jamf's IPs, but I cannot get LDAPS to work. I'm just testing locally at the moment on the Windows LAN, an...  View more

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Location Issue Causing Problems with Sync

I am managing 60 iPads in a one-building school district. When I uploaded users to ASM it added a duplicate location for my school. One of them was manually created, the other is SFTP. When I sync to Jamf, it is only syncing the accounts that were ma...  View more

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