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IT Specialist, 25 years - I have taken a keen interest in the Apple side of this since I’ve taken this role. We have a fleet of iOS devices we manage through jamf pro - anyway I am looking for a career in MAC/jamf/iOS management/administration. Is their any path recommendations, I’ll be taking jamf 100 this year and later jamf 200


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In addition to Jamf 100 and 200, Apple recently updated its certification courses.


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@chaube97 If you haven't registered for the 200 yet I would strongly recommend springing for the Individual Training Pass (https://www.jamf.com/training/training-pass/) which will allow you to take any Jamf training course (you'd have to pass the 200 to get to the 300, etc..) for a 12 month period. At $4500 it's not cheap, but it's a great deal when you consider individual classes are $2500. Now that the classes are all offered online it's an even better deal since you don't have to factor in travel expenses .

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Does the Training pass cover the exam fee too? I can't find this info anywhere. 

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@knollm My understanding is that the Training Pass does not apply to the Jamf 100 exam fee, just to the Jamf 200 and above courses.

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Don’t forget to get more knowledge about the other products you want to integrate with like Azure, AD, google, intune, …