Jamf School of Thought - Episode 2 - Teachers are Magical

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Greetings, all –

For a special Teacher Appreciation Week episode of the School of Thought blogcast, we invited Tisha Richmond, author of Make Learning Magical to join us as we celebrate the magic that teachers bring to their craft. Day in and day out, teachers strive to create extraordinary learning experiences. The episode will be LIVE on April 26, 11am Central. Register here to join us!


 As a former culinary arts teacher, Tisha discovered that the sudden arrival of iPad devices transformed her classroom and set her on her own journey of discovery to become a Student Engagement & Professional Development Specialist for her district in Oregon. She discovered that students learn best as creators, whether it be dazzling food designs or amazing learning projects on iPad. Her journey led her to write a book about how to transform any classroom into a scene from Mary Poppins

Mike is joined for this episode by Sarah Olson, former teacher and Training and Development Manager on Jamf’s Customer Education team. Together, they explore the more magical elements of learning and celebrate the inspiring educators that make them possible. 

And as a special ‘thank you,’ the first 100 live attendees will receive a copy of Tisha’s book: “Make Learning Magical: Transform Your Teaching and Create Unforgettable Experiences in Your Classroom" published by DBC. Learn more about Tisha and her book at www.tisharichmond.com

The episode will be LIVE on April 26, 11am Central. Register here to join us! In the meantime, here’s a teaser of the magic that will unfold: https://www.jamf.com/blog/jamf-school-of-thought-ep-2-teachers-are-magical/

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