Resetting Macbook Password

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We have Jamf Pro for a large group of macbooks for high school students. The students often forget the password to get into their device, and there is no simple fix to reset that currently. Our current method is to back up the home user folder, and wipe the device. Is there a command or policy (that actually works) that can reset a users password?


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Mobile accounts? Local accounts?

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They are local accounts on macbooks that the students have to create a personal password for when setting up. We do not have control over what they set the password, and have no way of remote changing that password. We cannot change that password through command line on the device either, unless there is another local admin account on the mac that we have access to.

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Then the easiest way to do that is to reboot the Mac to recovery mode. Open terminal and type resetpassword

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You can setup a management account with a password. Incase students forget their password, you can login with that management account and reset their password. We have Sophos encryption for all our Macs. Incase user forgets their password, they can reset it by entering Sophos recovery pin.

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Looking ahead, I think you will find it quite useful to have a uniform local admin account on every Mac. It can be used for access, recovery, troubleshooting, app installation etc. The password can be changed via Jamf for security. Please note this is different from the Jamf management account.