Upcoming Apple EDU Leader Twitter Chat - Will it Offer Tricks or Treats?

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Greetings, Jamf Educators! 

For those of you on Twitter, I want to invite you to join a weekly chat for Apple-using Educational Leaders called #AppleEDULeaderChat. It's held every Thursday from 6-6:30pm PT and covers various topics of interest to K12 leaders using devices with Apples on them. 

I'll be co-facilitating the chat with fellow Apple Distinguished Educator (and Evolving Learner author) Lainie Rowell on October 28. You can find me at @techmaverick (because I signed up when having 'handles' was the 'in' thing to do - ugh!).

I hope you'll join us and offer your perspective on the discussions around 'leader hacks.' Here's a sneak peek of the questions we plan on posing:

Q1 - How do you ensure professional learning is a treat for your team? (And not a trick…)

Q2 - How do you encourage innovation and creativity on during tricky times?

Q3 - How could you treat your staff with time? What could you take off their plate?

Q4 - What’s your favorite trick when using Apple tools? (keyboard shortcuts, app hacks, etc.).

Q5 - What is one trick to moving forward in challenges times?

And no - you don't have to dress up for the chat - but I think it would be more fun if you did!

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