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 A massive thank you to all our Tech Thoughts authors! Every week we get submissions on outstanding technical topics for our community members to read, and it does not go unnoticed that this is a huge effort on the authors' part. So @tom_koehler and I wanted to take a moment to reward our authors for their published posts with a gift card to a popular online store that offers anywhere from a trombone to a last-minute gift for your dog's birthday.


Congratulations, @jflanakin, author of Certificates, SCEP, and 802.1x: What are they? What do they do? Let’s find out! (Part One) and @bweber26, author of Introduction to JPS API Wrapper: All-in-one package for using the Jamf Pro Server API


Thank you again to all our authors! And for those who did not win today or have yet to publish a post, do not worry; there will be more opportunities to win in the future. The first step is to submit your Tech Thoughts post!

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