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Preparing to begin packaging and was curious of any gotchas.I saw a couple PDFs here for CS5 and CS5.5, but the links lead to dead ends and a search didn't yield me anything.
Saw this previous thread:, sorry - lemme paste the code I am using: #!/bin/sh profiles=profiles -C -v | grep attribute | awk '/name/{$1=$2=$3=""; print $0}'echo " $profiles " exit 0 It wo...
Our Standard users on MacOS 10.8.x are starting to need help.They are finding (since they don't have Admin Rights on the local machine) they are not able to install webinar GoToMeeting plugins.Would this be a case where I just take a snapshot, run th...
Surely I am doing something wrong, so I ask - I have a smart group looking for a specific version of Chrome.I want users to go to self service, run the policy that uninstalls that version, and then by a custom trigger, run the second policy to instal...
I must be doing something wrong or there is a bug. I am running JSS 9.11I have built stand-alone MBP stations which are not enrolled in the JSS.I have renamed Macintosh HD to something unique.I have installed the CasperSuite and replicated the share ...