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I'm having trouble replicating this issue. We have a script that runs daily and loads some info into an extension attribute using the rest api. It looks like a lot of machines get their last check in date cleared when this happens. Has anyone else no...
We're trying to play with the WebHook functionality. I've tried creating web hooks that run on both ComputerCheckIn and ComputerInventoryCompleted and it doesn't appear that it does anything. When I look at the logs on the web server we're trying to ...
It looks like we can get the AD description field and a computer's OU into extension attributes by running a script on a Mac, but the problem with this is that it only works when someone is on campus or using the VPN. Has anyone had any success getti...
We need to push some specific ipfw rules to machines. Can anyone suggest a way to do this with configuration profiles? We need port 22 open for Casper Remote, but don't want to expose people's laptops to port 22 when they leave campus. We need a rule...
We've noticed that El Capitan AD bound machines are not updating OperatingSystem field in AD. Previous versions of OS X did this. Any idea what might have changed?