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I'm trying to create a webclip that will be able to include the serial number. IE[Serial Number]
Ok so I've got a problem that's stumping me I recently upgraded some machines to 10.13.6 and now the AD accounts are passing a bad user ID to the domain controller. Instead up showing up as Domainusername it's Domain.netusername. Which would be fine,...
So I'm required to have the namespace set to forest for all our AD Bound macs. So all my user names end up being DomainUsername Which works perfectly fine for everything but Office 2016. Anytime I try and save anything to a user folder I get a permis...
With 10.10 I've started to notice that my username aliases for AD mobile accounts seem to randomly vanish. We recently made the switch for our AD accounts to be namespace forest to append the domain at the start of the username to fullfill a request ...
I've been having issues 10.8 and up that after I image the first time a network account logs into the machine the hostname and device name gets blanked off the machine. Once I put it back in it will stay. My 10.6 and 10.7 images aren't affected. Has ...
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