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Hello, I'm banging my head off the desk on this one. I've successfully deployed NoMAD Login and that works great, but the NoMAD part is where I'm having trouble. I uploaded the default plist for NoMAD from a test machine into Jamf, that seems to be d...
I've had enough of Macs being bound to AD here in my environment. I've been looking at NoMAD, it seems great, but as far as I can tell there's no way to mount network drives based on user AD membership. My question is this. Is there anyone that's usi...
Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone know if it's possible to mount SMB shares based on users being in a AD group if the Mac is not bound to AD, but has Jamf Connect (NoMAD) and a valid kerberos ticket? I current have all Macs bound to AD and use a Apple ...
Hi, I'm looking to remove all users profiles from Outlook, we are migrating from on prem to cloud, so I need these removed so that when the re-open Outlook autodiscover will do it's thing. it's working manually, but would love to script it for users.
Hi Jamfnationees I just recently enabled FileVault 2 for mobile Macs in my environment, I have experienced some issues that I'm hoping the good folks here on Jamf nation can help me with. When Macs are setup they get a local admin account that is sup...
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