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Hello everyone! I currently have HTTP downloads enabled on Windows Server 2012 using IIS 8. Now, I would like to do the same with OS X. I currently have these settings in OS X Server 4.1 (10.10.3 )and it basically hangs then fails and I get this erro...
Hello everyone, I'm curious as to why my Adobe applications are failing on HTTP download, I'm currently testing the deployment of nine Adobe CC applications. It works fine when installed during imaging, individually in policies or using self service....
Hello everyone, Currently testing moving my JSS to a new box, with a new DNS and I would like to update the built in CA. Old JSS: jss.domain.extra.com:8443New JSS: casper.domain.com:8443 TomCat has been updated to reflect casper.domain.com I currentl...
Hello, I made a new JSS and made my URL https://jss.company.com:8443 when prompted. That doesn't work, the only way I can access my JSS is through How can I properly create my URL?
Hello JAMF, Just installed a JSS and I can't seem to access the interface, I've never had this happen before. Basically, I install the JSS and follow the instructions (SQL, Apache, Java) and go to (whatever was listed on the in...