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Hello, I am going to be adding approximately 400 machines to our inventory using the QuickAdd package and wondered if there is way to populate the Location and Department fields using the package, rather than entering them by hand after the package h...
How can I poll for changes in inventory?
While I'm sure it's easy, I've not yet found how to search inventory for Local User Accounts. My boss asks me to use Casper to tell him details of the compter Jane Doe uses. I have no idea which computer she is using, as our new naming convention no ...
After our helpful discussion from earlier today, I have attempted to create a policy that will spin a new Management Account Password once a day. I went to Management > Policies > Create policy manually > General - named it, Category=No Category, Tri...
My boss is concerned the service account that the QuickAdd package uses can be hacked. After we collect the machines into the JSS's inventory, we are joining (binding) them to our Active Directory service. He is insistant that the QuickAdd service ac...
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