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Hello,The organization that I work for maps local samba shares to macs at login when on campus. We use the following script (which has worked flawlessly for years). Unfortunately when running from login hook, the username field now fills with "root" ...
Is anyone else experiencing issues where it seems like login hooks are not occurring with Mojave? Running sudo jamf policy -event login from terminal works as expected, but login policies aren't processing automatically on our test Mojave machines. L...
Hello, fairly new to scripting and don't want to mess this up. Hoping the wonderful support network here may be willing to help out. We often have teachers requesting to access files in a students user folder on a mac where a student is on vacation, ...
Long story short, our leadership team would like a terms and conditions "splash" screen that shows up after logging into a device on enrollment that must be agreed to before being able to use an iPad. I think I know some steps, but no clue how to mak...
Looking to be able to have a list of URLs that would link to devices with a username and password somehow included to trigger an API command.