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If i have a distribution point defined in the JSS, in my example it is a linux vm with netatalk providing afp shares and also has apache allowing for http downloads.If i want to replicate this to a JDS instance using casper admin, Casper admin mounts...
Have an issue that i've run into, just wanting to see if anyone else has the same issue.Using Casper 9.11.try to enroll a machine using a quickadd package created with recontrying to install the package using installer -pkg QuickAdd.pkg -target /(gat...
Anyone testing 10.9 & Casper 9?Are you having a problem where if you run a policy via custom trigger from CLI the policy fails to run?If i do sudo jamf policy -trigger MyCustomTriggerthe jamf binary checks for policies, finds the policy and then atte...
Hey all.I have been playing with the JSS Computer Import Tool.Essentially we want to bulk import a list of computers into the JSS.We want these computer records to have the serial number of the computer, the asset tag and the computer users "username...
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