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Has anyone else had trouble netbooting from 10.9 server??? I recently upgraded(?) all my servers from Xserves running 10.6 to MacMinis running 10.9. I migrated OD, Mail, my JSS, etc. Most everything runs fine but I can't for the life of me get NetIns...
I just thought I'd throw it out there that I got the JSS installed and working on FreeBSD 9. I'm not sure why FreeBSD isn't a supported OS...
Well it's not actually truncating the hostname, but the name that it passes to OD when binding. It looks like it's shortening it to 14 characters. So now all my new binds fail because its trying to name them all the same thing in OD. I'm using the Ca...
I added a URL "plugin" in Self Service. It's my webmail login page which is hosted on a 10.6.8 server so it's just the default SquirrelMail page. The text boxes for username and password come up black in Self Service but they come up fine in Safari. ...
I'm doing my first image testing with Lion. Imaging goes OK, but when a network(OD) user logs in they get a prompt for administrator credentials from the Configuration Profile Tool. Anybody know how to stop this?