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I have multiple Adobe 2023 packages that are failing from Self-Service. I see the following in the log when reproducing the error:Mon Aug 28 09:29:58 MachineName jamf[2225]: Checking for policy ID 1424...Mon Aug 28 09:30:00 MachineName jamf[2225]: Ex...
I've been attempting to deploy the latest creative cloud software installs and encounter the following error when running the policy. Installing the PKG outside of Jamf works without issue.Checking for policies triggered by "Acrobat2023" for user "us...
Has anyone had any success deploying Roland Cloud Manager software? The vendor doesn't have documented steps and I was investigating the best way to deploy the app and desired Instruments/libraries.Thanks!Lee Hoselton
I'm new to Jamf Pro and MacOS, so bare with me. I'm trying to find an alternative method to mapping two network drives for new computer deployments. Each user has an H drive for their local files, and an S drive for department files. These were origi...
Does anyone have any experience deploying/configuring Enterprise Connect to Big Sur using Jamf Pro? Previous versions just worked by including the scripts that were created before my taking over of the task. On Big Sur, the application installs witho...
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