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Error using signed configuration profile ??

Hi everyone,I've followed this guide: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/articles/649/creating-a-signing-certificate-using-jamf-pro-s-built-in-certificate-authority And i'm signing my configuration profile with this command:/usr/bin/security cms -S -N ...  View more

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Jamf Connect LAN Connection

I have run into an issue with Jamf Connect not loading the login screen when connected to our LAN. It loads and functions just fine when the LAN is disconnected and the workstation is connected to one of our WiFi connections. It seems to have come up...  View more

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No password policy notice on expiration

Hello, I rencently upgraded my lab evironment to Jamf Connect 2.0+ and I'm having a concerning problem. We have an Active Directory that provides Okta, our IDP, the users.The we use Okta to authenticate through Connect. Though, whenever a password ex...  View more

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What is Your Deployment Process?

Hi Everyone - Help. I am new to Jamf and for the past several weeks have been working on a zero-touch deployment for 120 Macbooks. Here is what I have: New Macbooks purchased directly from Apple in early September 2020. Macbooks entered into ASM (DEP...  View more

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Jamf Connect Wifi Configuration Profile Behavior

Wondering if anybody has seen this behavior with Jamf Connect. Our Macbooks have a wifi configuration profile for 802.1x to connect to our internal wireless. The profile works as expected except in a specific scenario I've discovered while testing. H...  View more

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Jamf Connect: <key>LAPSUser</key>

So why is this key not standardly available in both the Jamf Pro config settings as well as the Jamf Connect Configuration application?And why can't I find a manual that explains to me how I can add this LAPSUser to my exisitng plist config? Any help...  View more

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Jamf Connect + Notify screen

Hi all, I'm currently working on setting up a deployment workflow that will allow us to send new, DEP enrolled computers directly to employees using a customized Jamf Connect 2.0.0 prestage. I've found that a script + Notify screen is useful for inst...  View more

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Problems With PreStage Enrollment, Jamf Connect

Hi everyone, Having problems creating local user accounts using Jamf Connect, SSO credentials as part of Setup Assistant. Workflow Expectations User powers on 'fresh' (either factory-new or wiped/reinstalled) laptop User selects country User connects...  View more

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Prestage and accounts

I need some clarification. In Jamf Pro you can setup user-initiated enrollment and then you have to pick a Jamf management account. In this setting, you can have Jamf use a random password for this account.So the first question I have is how can you ...  View more

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Jamf Connect Verify Keychain update

Hello, We have a problem with Jamf Connect Verify , when we change the local password manually ( lost password ) , a window appears at the start of the session asking us to update the Jamf Connect Verify password in the keychain. Is there a way to au...  View more

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Nomad Login and DEP

Has anyone had any success with what Neil Martin did in his talk or something similar?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbA0Cx_LeSA In my testing the computer just hangs at the Please wait a moment part. If I take that part out of it I do get a branded...  View more

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Jamf Connect local users with admin permissions

Hello, I'm testing jamf connect login together with Azure LDAP. Basically it works but my users are just standard users if I'm doing an enrollment. Of course, I also created a hidden administrator but I want to give some users local admin permissions...  View more

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Jamf Nation Berlin 2020 - Speaker gesucht!

Hi Community! Am 14. Mai 2020 macht unser Jamf Nation Event zum ersten Mal Stopp in der deutschen Hauptstadt. Dieses Jahr wird größer, vielseitiger und spannender als je zuvor – es wird für jeden etwas dabei sein.Wir suchen nach Apple Admins, die ihr...  View more

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Jamf pro to jamf connect

We are about 90% ready to start enrolling our users into Jamf pro. there is a good chance tho that we will also be binging in jamf connect. what kind of issues are you all seeing with that method? Are there any advantages or issues converting to jamf...  View more

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