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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Are on premise distribution points still reccomended?

Hi, A couple years prior to joining my current organization, they moved their On-Prem Jamf Pro to the cloud. While the JCDS is setup, it isn't the Master DP, with the master being an on-prem smb server shared between our two campuses. I plan on doing...  View more

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question for distribution point on premise

HelloI dont understand how it works. The first try from my side, to create a windows share with the IIS on the same server, where jamf pro runs didnt work. I read later about it, that the distribution point can't be on the same server like jamf pro.S...  View more

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Jamf Cloud - On Prem DP as well as Jamf Cloud DP

Just starting with Jamf Cloud. We have an On Prem file share DP which we intend to use for people on site so that's the Principal Distribution Point. Would the best way to make use of the Cloud DP be to make it the failover for the On Prem DP? That w...  View more

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Deploying pkg with curl

Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to deploy pkg from a url. The reason I'm asking is because the linked url contains a version of the pkg that automatically logs in our agent. If I simply download the pkg of the agent and store i...  View more

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Distribution Points - JAMF Cloud hosted

We recently moved the Cloud hosting with JAMF. I am having issues where my policies immediately go to local DPs instead of the JCDS when the computer is off our local LANs. I have all of my network segments set to go to the local DPs. When not on the...  View more

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JAMF Admin, packages uploading as 0 bytes

Hi, We have a problem where we can add packages to JAMF Admin as usual, and they show up on our main distribution point, but they are 0 bytes in size. So each time I add a new package, I need to copy it manually to the share and replace the 0 byte on...  View more

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CENTOS7 & JSS File distribution Share

Experts, Currently own Centos6 with AFP and HTTP file distribution. We have decided to setup another one with Centos7 due to Centos6 EOL. I was able successfully setup HTTPS for File distribution under Centos7.Now I am trying to figure out the steps ...  View more

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HTTPS for Distribution Point on macOS

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone had any success enabling HTTPS on macOS.All my DP's are macOS. On-Premise Jamf. I can see enabling Apache on macOS is straight forward but what exactly needs doing to the httpd-vhosts.conf & httpd-ssl.conf fi...  View more

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Replicate File Share Distribution Point

Additionally to our Cloud Distribution Point I wanted to add a File Share Distribution Point that can be used when users are in the office. I can add the SMB Share manually in Finder without any issues (using both the write and read account created s...  View more

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Cannot upload Creative Cloud Desktop app

We have a fleet of MacOS devices running Catalina, using Jamf Pro for management. I have packaged the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application for deployment, this package was created via the Creative Cloud admin portal. The intention is to deploy th...  View more

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Apps Slow to Appear on Device - Using LDAP Groups

Hello all, we recently deployed 750 or so iPads and it seems that they can be slow to receive all of the apps scoped to them. We use Google LDAP so the user authenticates during setup on the iPad. Some apps are scoped to all devices and those come do...  View more

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Package was not successfully downloaded -1202

Upgraded on prem Jamf to the current version (10.22.1).Prior to the upgrade we were experiencing DP problems not only with large downloads but small as well. I repackaged Office and the new file name did not have spaces and that helped for a while. F...  View more

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Easier selective sync to cloud distribution point

We have cloud Jamf Pro and both an on prem DP and a cloud one. Most packages need to be available to users on or off campus, but there are a few which are used only in the campus computer labs and which are too big for the cloud DP to accept. In orde...  View more

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How to sync Cloud DP (JCDS) to On prem FSDP

Hi All, This doesn't seem to be a thing that I can find. I did find a python script someone wrote, but it appears to be broken with the current python-jss. I would like to have my on-prem devices pull from on-prem DP(s) since it's A. faster, and B. n...  View more

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Considering adding a DMZ server

With a lot more of our workstations soon to be leaving campus for an unknown extended period, we're looking at quickly standing up a server in the DMZ so that we can continue to manage those systems while off campus. I've got the basic instructions (...  View more

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AutoPKGR does not uploading packages to JAMF Cloud

I'm using AutoPKGR and JSSImporter to upload policies and packges to JAMF Cloud. Everything is good except the packages keep showing "Availability pending" day by day, although the log showed copied to the JAMF CloudI have to manually upload the pack...  View more

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New Distribution Point + AutoPKG Trouble

Hello, I recently moved my DP to a Windows server. Ever since, my AutoPKG recipes fail with an error message: Error mounting url: "smb://org.local;rwaccount:rwpass@servername.org.local:139/OIT-DiskStation/CasperShare": None The path to the DP is smb:...  View more

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Trouble with new SSL cert for storage servers

Today I replaced the SSL cert for one of our storage servers. I used the JSS built-in CA to create the cert and installed it in the usual manner. While everything appears to be fine on pre-Catalina clients, the Catalina clients fail (refuse?) to conn...  View more

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Need for distribution point?

Apologies if this is a stupid question. Do I actually need a distribution point? I am setting up an on-prem Jamf server and all my client Macs are local on a closed network. Can I just upload and push out pkgs to/from the Jamf Server, without using a...  View more

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